Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sunday Seven #39

Consider your "Dream House." Now name seven features, either of the house or the lot itself, that would be required for it to really be your "Dream House."

1. Wooden floors

2. Large windows

3. Wrap-around porch

4. Lots of big trees

5. Fireplace

6. Large kitchen

7. Stained glass

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday Six #111

1. What is the last museum you visited? What single item there most impressed you?

I'll be going to the Science Museum tomorrow hopefully lol And before that... I... don't remember lol

2. What piece of computer equipment that you currently don't own would you most like to have?

A decent computer...

3. Coca Cola has recently released a new drink called Coca Cola Blak, which is a mix of Coke and coffee. Have you tried it? Would you try it? What flavor of soda would you most like to see someone create?

Tried it, loved it actually, surprised the hell out of me lol And I'd like to see someone do chocolate. I love chocolate sodas and no one's done it yet. Well, none of the brands I know anyway.

4. Take the quiz: Which flavor of tea are you? (Thanks to Charley.)

Which flavor of tea are you? (with images)

You are Green tea! Green tea is very healthy for you, and quite popular too. It's not so much of a unique taste..yet it's not plain tea either. When people have green tea, they are attached. They usually drink it heal themselves as well.
Take this quiz!


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5. How do you like your tea? Iced or hot? Sweet or unsweetened? With cream or without?

Iced, sweet or not depending on my mood. But if it's cold weather, hot, sweet, with whip cream lol

6. You see someone run out of a store with a wad of bills. Shortly afterwards, a store employee runs out of the store after him, but stops just outside the door when it appears that the person has run down the street towards a seedy-looking motel. If you assumed you had just witnessed the getaway in an armed robbery, would you drive into the motel parking lot in an attempt to find out what room number or what vehicle the person got into, or would you pay it no more attention?

Wow... That's a really complicated question with too many possibilities for me to even begin to answer now.

Unconscious Mutterings Week 173

  1. Bounce :: Back

  2. Wasting time :: Lazy

  3. Utility :: Closet

  4. London :: England

  5. Pregnant :: Mother

  6. Cranberry :: Sauce

  7. International :: Law

  8. Disappointment :: Me

  9. Sponsor :: NASCAR (NO idea lol)

  10. Second :: to last

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sunday Seven #38

List your top seven blogging pet peeves.

1. Music that starts from no where, sudden, loud. In my opinion you never put up a song that starts out that hard. It should start out soft enough that people can understand that it's on the page and there's a stop button. (There should ALWAYS be a stop button.)

2. Font. Either obnoxiously loud or so quiet it's hard to focus on. (Loud meaning bright colors, huge font, etc, quiet being pale hard to notice font, or small size.)

3. Extremely busy pages/backgrounds, etc.

4. Lots and lots of pictures. I love pictures, I do. But unless you're a picture blog, I really want to READ. If you have a bunch of pictures you want to show for a post, fine, great, send me a link to Flickr so I can look at them.

5. Pointless entries or comments. If you have something to say, say it. If you don't, don't.

6. Ads. Hate ads. I understand the need in some cases, but a lot of ads annoy me.

7. Too much color. I like basics, I don't like to be overloaded with colors.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday Six #110

1. Do you believe in near-death experiences? Have you ever had one yourself?

Yes I do and no I haven't.

2. If you could have on DVD any old television show that you adored as a child, which show would you pick?

I Love Lucy lol I loved that show, still do. Something from MY generation though... Oh my gosh lol... Probably Rugrats lol I still think it's cute lol

3. At what age do you plan on retiring? Do you suspect that you'll keep working past that?

Never bwahaha lol Not REALLY retire... I don't know if I ever will. If I COULD though... I'd like to before I'm too old to enjoy traveling, etc...

4. Take the quiz: What kind of food are you?

Nuh uh... Not the way you describe it anyway lol

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you.

Haha, this is more me lol

You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.

People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

5. When is the last time you ate the type of food mentioned in your last answer?

Mexican was last night lol Chinese was... couple weeks ago.

6. What was the last photograph you took? Have you posted it online?

I honestly don't remember. And obviously that'd be a no lol

Unconscious Mutterings Week 172

  1. Yours :: and Mine

  2. Charcoal :: Drawing

  3. Platitude :: Attitude (lol first rhyming word lol)

  4. Graduation :: Loss

  5. Hungry :: Food

  6. Somewhere :: Nowhere

  7. Nurse :: Doctor

  8. Freak :: Show

  9. Unbelievable :: Odds

  10. Walk :: in the park

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday Seven #37

Pick seven TV moms that you wouldn't want to have as your own mom. If you need some ideas to get rolling, you can visit this MSNBC article about the Five Best Moms, which features a ballot at the bottom with plenty of suggestions. (You don't have to stick to that list.)

lol This is easy

1. Roseanne Conner

2. Morticia Addams

3. Peggie Hill

4. Lily Munster

5. Marie ("Everybody Loves Raymond")

6. Edith Bunker

7. Kim Warner ("Yes Dear")

Saturday Six #109

1. When is the last time you switched from one company to another for an important service? What made you switch? Did the company you were leaving try to make you a better offer to make you stay?

Trying to switch cell phone companies. Hate the service. And they won't let me end my contract without paying $200 to do so.

2. What emblem or logo was on the last coffee mug you drank from?

Purple flower pattern

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a world-class chef and 1 being someone who can't even scramble an egg, how would you rate your cooking ability?

Probably 6 or 7

4. Take the quiz: Are you a good cook?
That's true. I made a lot of trial and error lol

You Are an Excellent Cook

You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.

It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...

5. When was the last time you prepared a meal for someone other than yourself or those already living with you? Was it well received?

Never have for someone outside my home. But I've made pies for other people and it went fine, it's just that my taste and theirs didn't go well together. They like bland food lol

6. Since it is that time of year, what show's season finale are you most looking forward to? Which show do you wish would just go away?

None and too many to count lol

Unconscious Mutterings Week 171

  1. Immune :: Deficiency

  2. Together :: Forever

  3. Blank :: Page

  4. Professional :: Business

  5. Thousand :: to one

  6. Penetration :: Knife

  7. Shutter :: Blinds

  8. Upside down :: Bat

  9. Neck :: Massage lol

  10. Unlisted :: Number

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sunday Seven #36

Name seven foods in your kitchen (including your refrigerator or freezer) or pantry that you could prepare as a meal in less than ten minutes.

1. Peanut butter and jelly, the obvious

2. SOME pastas

3. Tacos

4. Salad

5. Hot dogs

6. Fruit salad (kinda cheating lol)

7. Soup

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quiz #2

From a journal I've been reading for a while, and a heavy lurker at lol

1. How tall are you barefoot?
According to the doctor, 5"5'

2. Have you ever smoked before?

3. Do you own a gun?
A water gun... lol

4.What's your favorite sport to watch?
HOCKEY!!! Then baseball lol

5. How many letters are in your crush's name?
lol I don't have a crush really since we're a little past that. Buuuut four or seven lol depending on if you mean full first name or not lol

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
Good with chili and cheese lol And now I'm craving one lol

7. What's your favorite Christmas song?
"Santa Baby" Madonna lol

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Water, milk, cranberry juice, tea lol

9. Are You In Love?
Yes sire very deeply

10. Have you ever done ecstacy?
That is an interesting question... and no lol

11. Do you like spam?
Cut up and fried really crispy into scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese lol That's good, and the only way I really like it.

12. Do you like painkillers?
I'm female certain "things" come up that require me to down half a bottle of Tylenol in a week lol

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Being a completely silly dork blonde lol Surprisingly, it works well. Ask Will lol (Remember me falling off the bed honey? lol)

14. Do you own a knife?
Yep, pocket and otherwise lol

15. Do you have A.D.D.?
Well that's a stu-- Oooo shiny.... what did you say?

16. Full initials?
SMP (PMS backwards lol And Lily's a nickname lol)

17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.
1. I need to turn on the radio, this music is getting to boring a hole in my head.
2. I'm tired but I don't want to sleep yet.
3. I have goosebumps.

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought today.
1. Jewel CD
2. Shaving gel for my legs lol
3. Dove chocolate lol

19. Name five drinks you regularly drink.
1. Water
2. Coke
3. Tea
4. Juice
5. Soy milk

20. What time did you wake up today?
Haha... 1pm lol I REALLY slept in and I'm not sure why.

21. Are you married?
Not yet.... ::grin::

22. Describe your partner your wed to(if your not..use a friend)?
I'll use my boyfriend lol Gentle, sweet, sexy, thoughtful, goofy, handsome, weird, adorable, lol

23. Current hate?
Being 1200 miles away from someone I love more than anything and nothing I can do about it.

24. Favorite place to be?
With Will, besides that lol Seattle, Wa

25. Least favorite place to be?
Away from Will... Other than that, downtown Minneapolis lol

26. Where would you like to go?
To NYC to see Will.

28. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
Married to Will, hopefully a baby too. We want kids lol

29. Do you burn or tan?
Burn, baby, burn... Then I start to tan lol

30. Favorite color/s?
Everything! lol But this year I'm drawn to reds, greens, bright blues, and pinks.

31. Would you be a pirate?
Only if I could make out with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean lol (Kidding... sort of lol)

32. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
Neva eva lol

33. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Anything that's stuck in my head lol

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Gremlins lol My Pee Wee Herman doll lol It TALKED, it was freakin' scary man! And I was also afraid that tiny little men with axes and the like lived under the bed and would cut my Achilles tendons then kill me. Yeah, I was a warped child lol And accidentally saw too many scary movies lol (My best friend's were allowed to watch anything and so through them I did lol)

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
Will [12:46 A.M.]: lol you thought it was more complex didnt you?
Me [12:47 A.M.]: Honey, it's you of course I didn't
Me [12:47 A.M.]: lol

37. Best bed sheets you had as a child?
Pocahontas rocks. lol

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
Fell off the back of a truck and sliced my chest open lol I was 5 or 6 yrs old.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?
...Six lol Four used regularly, bedrooms, and living room.

41. Who is your loudest friend?
Nadia. lol Love her to death but god she's loud.

42. Who is your most silent friend?
Hmm... Angie lol But only at first, after a minute or two she's buzzing away with me chattering lol

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
Besides Will which is more than a crush lol None I know of.

44. Do you wish on stars?
Stopped when I was 16.

45. What is your favorite book?
East of Eden, but I can't read it too often, takes up a lot of time lol

46. What is your favorite candy?
Dove chocolate lol

47. What song did you last hear?
Oh crap you had to ask me that now... Sean Paul, "Temperature" Yes, I know it's cheesy... I feel dirty now... lol

48. What song(s) do you want played at your funeral?
Uh... "Eye of the Tiger" lol I have no idea and unless you know something I don't, it's gonna be a while lol

49. What were you doing 12AM last night?
Playing a game lol

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
"What the... buzzing... sound what the... stop it ::grasping for cell phone:: Shut up shut up shut up, who's calling me at... oh god it's 1 pm, wtf, why am I still asleep?!" lol Roughly.

Saturday Six #108

1. What do you feel you are most successful at conserving or recycling? What are you least successful at conserving or recycling?

Recycling. I use everything more than once lol

Conserving, because well I love lights lol

2. What's the most unusual piece of artwork in your home, and what drew you to it?

My painting, because it's colors are completely different then anything in the house lol And obviously the fact I did it made it stay in the house lol

3. You lose a button on a shirt. Do you sew it back on yourself, give it to someone else to sew on, or trash the shirt?

Sew it back on myself of course lol Unless I lose the button and it's a really unique thing that can't be replaced, then I try and think of a way to salvage it. If I can't, then if I can use the fabric for something else and if not, THEN trashing lol

4. Take the quiz: What Pattern is Your Brain?

Sounds about right lol

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama.

Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time...

But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you.

You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading.

5. Have you learned how to swim? If so, how old were you when you learned, and when was the last time that you actually went swimming?

I can swim, and I just learned over time. No one ever formally taught me. And the last time was... last summer in SD.

6. What's the last song you heard on a television show that you actually went out and bought?

Oh god lol.... Uh... Well... I hear most my music on the radio... Um... I guess I'll say Jewel's new CD, "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"

Unconscious Mutterings Week 170

  1. Represent :: Flag

  2. Mumbling :: Aggravated

  3. Meetup :: ....nothing comes to mind lol

  4. Tantalizing :: Kiss

  5. Fake :: When I first read through the list I thought "breasts" but now I think ID

  6. Dale :: Chip and Dale, lol Cartoon

  7. Deny :: Lie

  8. Calories :: Carbs

  9. Roll :: Around

  10. 44 :: Degrees