Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings Week 169

  1. Out of place :: Me

  2. Helicopter :: Pad

  3. Francis :: French

  4. Ryan :: my cousin

  5. Wedding :: Bells

  6. Apalled :: Disgust

  7. Historian :: Library

  8. Powerful :: Dictator

  9. Sex symbol :: Uh... Oh wait, Sex Bomb viral video lol Very funny

  10. Uncomfortable :: Bra lol

Saturday Six #107

1. What new piece of technology have you resisted buying and what would it take for you to change your mind?

Hmm... I suppose a new MP3 player. I want a Walkman Bean lol But I just assume that price will go down and to wait. So I am. And I'd have to find a cheap(er) one... in pink lol for me to buy it.

2. If someone was to go through a closet of your old clothes, what clothing style would you find most embarrassing?

Tomboy hippie lol Early teens, I was a HUGE tomboy. In tie dye. And ripped up jeans lol It was horrible. I hate all old pictures of me lol

3. The movie United 93 opened this week to controversies over whether or not it is too soon or not to deal with the events of September 11th. Do you have any desire to see this movie? Why or why not?

Honestly... I have a really hard time seeing the commercials for it. But I want to see it. Badly. Because I think this country is already forgetting what we lost that day. It's time we got a clear cold reminder again.

4. Take the quiz: How Class Works Without getting specific about any of the actual results, which category hurts you the most, and which helps you the most?

I'm too young for any of this to count really lol I have a crappy part time job and I'm not in college yet, I don't drive lol I'm pretty much all around screwed according to this thing lol

5. Of the results you got in the last question, which one was the biggest surprise and why?

Occupation actually. Didn't know that's where it ranked. Did I mention this thing made me feel like crap yet? lol

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #89 from Jamilynn: What is your favorite article of clothing? Is there a story behind it?

Didn't we just do this last week...? lol Read last week's answers lol

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings Week 168

  1. Rising :: Falling

  2. Third :: Three (wow original lol)

  3. Disruptive :: Chaos

  4. Surround :: Sound

  5. Distant :: horizon

  6. Suction :: cups lol

  7. Fried :: chicken

  8. Nuggets :: .....chicken lol

  9. Clip :: Audio

  10. San Antonio :: Riverwalk

Sunday Seven #34

CNN recently ranked the top 25 innovations of the past quarter century. Their list can be found by scrolling down in the article on their webpage. What would your top seven innovations be? Do you agree with their top seven, or would you have a different take? Remember, we're talking about innovations of the past twenty-five years ago.

1. Internet/PC/Email (I kinda think of them together lol)

2. Cell Phones (Those two I agree lol)

3. DNA Fingerprinting

4. Space Shuttle

5. Hybrid Cars (What? I think green! lol)

6. ATM

7. Portable Computers

Saturday Six #106 (late late late lol)

1. What food do you most enjoy cooking? How many people have you cooked this dish for?

Hmm... I just love cooking lol Period lol I can tell you what I HATE cooking, lol Anything with dough in it lol I'm horrible at dough lol But I really do love making everything else. I do grill fantastic asparagus though! lol

2. If you could go behind the scenes at any television show to get a look at how things worked, which show would you choose and why?

Oh my... Uh... Probably something like COPS lol I mean c'mon that's gotta be interesting lol

3. Besides your bed, what's the easiest place in your home for you to take a nap? When was the last time you fell asleep there?

My couch and about... four months ago lol No one else was home, I can't sleep with a bunch of people and noise.

4. Take the quiz: What time of day are you? (Found at Shelly's Cyber Chocolate.)

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.

Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.

Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.

You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

5. What time of year do you usually read the most books?

Spring, summer, fall lol Winter I nest and sleep ::grin::

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #89 from Jamilynn: What is your favorite article of clothing? Is there a story behind it?

My favorite at the moment is... A white blouse, with beading, V neck, empire waist. No story, just comfortable and pretty.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Brain Sex I.D.

Very very cool quiz from BBC. Takes about 20-30 minutes, but worth it. You can also save your results and come back later to finish if you need to.

(click to view overall results)

Brain Sex I.D. Quiz

(printable mm ruler, you'll need it [pdf])

This task tested your ability to identify the angle of a line by matching it with its twin. This is a spatial task, which looks at how you picture space.

Your score: 11 out of 20
Average score for men: 15.1 out of 20
Average score for women: 13.3 out of 20

What does your result suggest?

If you scored 0 - 12: You have more of a female brain. Scientists believe that people with a female brain find it more difficult to judge the slope of a line because they're not wired for spatial tasks. In past studies, 65 per cent of people who scored in this range were women.

If you scored 13 - 17: You found this test neither hard nor easy. This suggests your brain has male and female traits when it comes to spatial ability.

If you scored 18 - 20: You have more of a male brain. On average, men outperform women in this task and those with more mathematical knowledge tend to score quite high as well. In past studies, 60 per cent of the people in this range were men.

Interestingly, men's testosterone levels fluctuate through the seasons and studies have shown that men's scores are lower in the spring, when their testosterone levels are at their lowest.

Do our cave dwelling ancestors offer us any clues about why men and women score differently on this task?

Spot the difference
This task tested your ability to identify which objects changed position. You lost points, if you incorrectly identified objects.

Your score: 50%
Average score for men: 39%
Average score for women: 46%

What does your score suggest?

If you scored between 0 - 33%: You may have more of a male brain. Scientists say men tend to under perform in this task. The corpus callosum, the part of the brain that links the right and left hemispheres, is a fifth larger in women. This means women can process visual and other signals at the same time more easily than men. There is also a theory that oestrogen levels in women give them an added advantage in spatial memory.

If you scored between 34 - 66%: You may have a balanced female-male brain.

If you scored between 67 - 100%: Those with a female-type brain generally score in this range. Your ability to remember where objects are may serve as an advantage to you when you're trying to find your way around places. You're more capable of recalling landmarks to get from one place to another.

Part 2


You said your left thumb was on top when you clasped your hands together.

Right thumb on top: This suggests the left half of your brain is dominant. Many studies have tried to establish whether there is a relationship between handedness and brain dominance. Some scientists believe that if you are left brain dominant, you would be more verbal and analytical.

Left thumb on top: This suggests the right half of your brain is dominant. Some studies theorise that as a right brain dominant person, you may excel in visual, spatial and intuitive processes.

However, these theories are debatable and leave much to be said about the small percentage of people who are ambidextrous.

Part 3

Emotions and Systems
This task looked at whether you prefer to empathise or systemise.


Your empathy score is: 12 out of 20
Average score for men: 7.9 out of 20
Average score for women: 10.6 out of 20

What does your result suggest?

Empathisers are better at accurately judging other people's emotions and responding appropriately. If you scored 15 and above, you are very empathic and would be an ideal person to comfort people in a time of crisis. Women in general are better at empathising.


Your systemising score is: 15 out of 20
Average score for men: 12.5 out of 20
Average score for women: 8.0 out of 20

What does your result suggest?

Systemisers prefer to investigate how systems work. A system can be a road map, flat pack furniture, or a mathematical equation – anything that follows a set of rules. A score of 15 and above suggests you're good at analysing or building systems. Men in general are better at systemising.

Scientists are keen to learn more about people who score high or low on both tests. They want to find out whether or not empathising and systemising are linked. Is a possible to make yourself more empathic?

Some scientists claim that our empathy and systemising abilities can be traced all the way back to prehistoric times. Find out more.

This task tested your ability to judge people's emotions.

Your score: 8 out of 10
Average score for men: 6.6 out of 10
Average score for women: 6.6 out of 10

What does your result suggest?

If you scored 0 - 3: Do you think you're good at judging how another person is feeling? Your score suggests this doesn't come to you quite so naturally.

If you scored 4 - 6: Your result suggests you have a balanced female-male brain and find it neither easy nor difficult to judge people's emotions.

If you scored 7 - 10: Your result suggests you are a good empathiser, sensitive to other people's emotions. Women generally fall into this category.

Professor Baron-Cohen at the University of Cambridge says that people usually perform better than they expect to on this test.

Men often think a person's eyes are sending signals of desire when that's not the case at all.

Part 4


We asked you to measure your ring and index fingers. Your ratios came to:

Right Hand: 0.992
Left Hand: 0.989

Average ratio for men: 0.982
Average ratio for women: 0.991

It's thought that your ratio is governed by the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in your mother's womb. The ratio of the length of your index finger to the length of your ring finger is set for life by as early as three months after conception. Even during puberty, when we experience intensive hormonal changes, the ratio stays the same.

Men generally have a ring finger that is longer than their index finger, which gives them a lower ratio than women, whose ring and index fingers are usually of equal length.

Studies have found that men and women with lots of brothers generally have more masculine finger ratios. Find out what other things scientists think our ratios may tell us.

Part 5


This task looked at how you rate the attractiveness of a series of faces. The images you looked at were digitally altered to create slight differences in masculinity.

Your choices suggest you prefer more masculine faces.

Highly masculinised male faces possess more extreme testosterone markers such as a long, broad and lower jaw, as well as more pronounced brow ridges and cheekbones.

Interestingly, women's preferences are said to vary across the menstrual phase. A more masculine face is preferred during the 9 days prior to ovulation, when conception is most likely.

A typical 'attractive' female face possesses features such as a shorter, narrower, lower jaw, fuller lips and larger eyes than an average face.

Part 6

3D shapes

This task tested your ability to mentally rotate 3D shapes.

Your score: 10 out of 12
Average score for men: 8.2 out of 12
Average score for women: 7.1 out of 12

What does your result suggest?

If you scored 0 - 6: Do you find yourself having to physically rotate a map to point in the direction in which you're travelling? This might explain why you scored in the lower range in the 3D shapes test. Twice as many women as men score in this category. Previous studies suggest that those with a female-type brain or with an arts background fall into this range.

If you scored 7 - 9: In past studies, 50 per cent of the people who scored in this range were women and 50 per cent were men.

If you scored 10 - 12: Are you an engineer or do you have a science background? People with these skills tend to score in this range. Past studies have concluded that people in this range have a more male brain.

Nearly a third of men who took this test got full marks, whereas less than 10 per cent of women managed the same.

This task looked at your verbal fluency.

Your score: you associated 7 word(s) with grey and you named 17 word(s) that mean happy. We are assuming that all the words you entered are correct.

Average score for men: 11.4 words total
Average score for women: 12.4 words total

What does your result suggest?

If you produced 1 - 5 words: You are more of the strong, silent type with a male brain. You probably find it easier to express yourself in non-verbal ways, preferring action rather than words.

If you produced 6 - 10 words: Most people in this range have a female-type brain.

Women are said to use both sides of the brain when doing verbal tasks while men mainly use their left side. Studies have shown that girls develop vocabulary faster than boys. This difference in brain power is caused by levels of pre-natal testosterone.

This task asked you how you would divide money.

If you had to split £50 with someone, you said you would demand £25

So far on the Sex ID test, men have demanded 51.6% (£25.80) of the pot and women have demanded 51.0% (£25.50), on average.

What does your response suggest?

Sex differences are small in this task. Demanding less than 60% of the pot (ie £30) is more typically female. Demanding more than 65% of the pot (ie £32.50) is more typically male.

Scientists believe that people with lower testosterone levels tend to take fewer risks so they are probably more willing to keep less for themselves. Those with higher testosterone levels tend to drive a harder bargain and are less compromising.

Men's testosterone levels fluctuate over the seasons and are at their lowest levels during the springtime. This is said to influence their bargaining power.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday Seven #33

Not counting English, name seven languages you'd like to be able to speak fluently.

1. Spanish
2. Italian
3. German
4. Latin
5. French
6. Japanese
7. Dutch

Saturday Six #105

1. Did you give up anything for Lent, and if so, did you succeed in giving it up for the entire time so far?

Never observed Lent lol

2. Do you do anything to celebrate Easter? Is there any specific food that makes up your traditional Easter dinner?

We used to be more traditional when I was younger now it's just whatever we happen to be doing. This year I went to a play at church Sat, then out bowling with mom and dad. Sunday, we spent with my family north of the Twin Cities.

3. How much cash do you have in your wallet/purse right now? Is this more or less cash than you usually carry?

I have my paycheck and change lol So really I don't have much money. And it's less than I usually carry. I normally have about $40 in my wallet.

4. You have the chance to spend a week as a character in either a comedy, a drama, a soap opera, a science fiction show or a murder mystery. Which would you choose and why?

Comedy, even the bad things become funny.

5. SECOND CHANCE TO BE FIRST TO PLAY QUESTION #2: Here's your chance to be the first one to answer the original six questions in Episode 6 from May 22, 2004. For this question, leave your answers in a comment here.


6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #88 from Lily: Think of your earliest memory: Is it a good one or a bad one? If you had the chance to witness yourself at that time, would you want to?

(Thanks to Patrick for editing my question so I wasn't a repeat lol)

And my earliest memory, I was a few months old, watching my mom draw a duck for a carnival game we had. It was going to be a logo on some cups we gave out. I told her remembering the duck and thinking it was ugly, lol She didn't believe me she said "You weren't even born when I drew that." I found one of the cups and showed her the copyright date. The year AFTER I was born. So I'm assuming I was just a few months old. And yes I'd like to see myself, just so I'd know how old I was.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings Week 167

  1. Ambition :: Sucess

  2. Meatloaf :: Meat Loaf, rock music

  3. Celebrity :: Snob

  4. Coach :: Carter

  5. Slacker :: Outcast

  6. Reflection :: Water

  7. Original :: Design

  8. Risk :: Reward

  9. Saved :: Jesus

  10. June :: July

Monday, April 10, 2006

What Gets You Whipped?

Take this test at Tickle

Hey, smarty pants. We're not gonna try to slip one by you. Dedicated and driven, you work hard for what you want, and that's why you always get it. Even though you tend to follow your head, that doesn't mean you ignore your heart. It's easy for you to fall for a guy who's quick and bright and can keep up with your varied interests. With your maturity and patience, you'll have no problem finding that perfect fellow who is resourceful and bold enough to win your heart. Brilliant!

What Gets You Whipped?

Brought to you by Tickle

Sunday Seven #32

Name up to seven things you enjoy doing during a thunderstorm.
  1. Lay in complete quiet and listen.
  2. Watch the rain splatter against the windows and ground.
  3. Read a book, minimal light.
  4. Curl up under a blanket with TCM.
  5. Listen to soft music, classical, jazz, blues.
  6. Write in my journal/on stories/poems.
  7. Sleep lol

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings #166

Agh, I did it... I finally broke down to start doing this lol Go here, for full details and if you want to subscribe.

  1. Buck :: Dollar

  2. Harry :: Potter

  3. Play :: Children

  4. Monstrosity :: Government (haha wonder what that means)

  5. Nightclub :: Neon

  6. Missing :: Children

  7. Sprout :: Plants

  8. Flavor :: Vanilla

  9. Identity :: Lost

  10. Saucy :: Flirt

Well that was interesting... lol

How Selfish Are You?

You Are 45% Selfish

You are quite balanced. You are able to compromise when it's in the best interests of those involved.

But you're no pushover. If something is important to you, you'll get it!

Quiz #1

1. Worst damage you ever took in a fight?

Scratches, bruises.. Nothing serious.

2. Most money you ever owed a utility company?

A grand total of $000.00 lol

3. Last time you got kicked out of a bar?

First, can't drink I'm underage, second, even if I could I wouldn't lol

4. Longest time you slept in a car?

Five hours.

5. Most strange nickname you've ever been given?

Roger. Don't ask. lol

6. Worst job you ever had?

According to the last test on Saturday Six, the one I have now lol But... I think it was running the fun house on the carnival. Try being 11 and telling a 17 year old boy he can't go in lol That's ALWAYS fun. And humiliating lol

7. Shortest job you've ever had?

Worked a night in a one of those food trailers on a carnival. Good pay, got $20 an hour lol

8. Longest romantic relationship?

Let's see... Nearly two years.

9. Shortest romantic relationship?

lol The same lol Still with him.

10. Food that you would eat til you puked?

Chocolate cake. I have a huge weakness.

11. Food that even looking at makes you puke?

Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you don't know what it is, don't ask me lol ACTUAL oysters, raw clams, calamari (mostly raw but some cooked makes me ill), frog legs lol A lot lol

12. What music saved your life?

Uh... none lol

13. Person you miss the most in the world?

Alive, William baby... Without a doubt, I miss him most. Of the people I've lost, my grandma... I didn't get enough time with her.

14. Worst movie you've ever seen?

Okay, no one hate me because I know a lot of people like this movie, but... Napoleon Dynamite. Seriously. It made my brain hurt. I couldn't finish 30 minutes of it.

15. Best movie you've ever seen?

"Laugh, Clown, Laugh" I love that movie.

16. Craziest shit you've ever done sober?

Hmm... Nothing really. I'm pretty sane lol

17. Ever almost die?

When I was born lol... I was a preemie.

18. Ever fistfight a member of the opposite sex?

Oh hell yes... I grew up with two boys. Always had bruises, cuts, someone's nose was bleeding lol

23. Your favorite tattoo?

I don't have any buuuut I saw one a long time ago of a dragon on this guys back. It was really just stunning. But I really love Samoan tattoos. The amount of pain that goes into getting one done traditionally is shocking. And they're beautiful.

24. Least favorite tattoo?

Anything done cheaply. No effort or talent put into it.

25. At your poorest, were you a ramen noodle or Mac and cheeze kinda person..?

I love both lol It works, it's cheap.

26. Most money you have ever spent on a single meal?

Myself? $18 lol My dad took us to a place though that... it was really too expensive to think about lol

27. Best gift you ever got?

Going to NY to see Will. After that, my grandmother's birthstone ring.

29. Ever run from the cops?

lol HELLLLLL no. I'm a good girl.

30. Money or health?

Health. Rather be healthy and work for money, than sick and all the money in the world not to enjoy.

Saturday Six #104

1. Researchers in France have announced that they have developed a "mirror" that uses digital technology plus user input about diet and exercise to determine what you will look like in 10 years. So if you found yourself before such a device, would you want to have a look?

Oh hell no lol

2. Have you done your taxes? If not, when will you finish them?

Yep yep. Hey, I DID have a job this year lol

3. Has the amount you owe or the amount you're getting back (or what you expect the outcome to be) likely to get you to change how much your employer withholds? Why or why not?

Oh lord idk lol I don't even know how much I'm getting back lol

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): Should you quit your job?

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 72%

Your job is a total bummer, and probably the worst job you've ever had.

Your co-workers stink. Your boss is a jerk. And your company is probably in trouble.

Think about finding a new job quickly, even if it's just a not-so-great transition job.

You've got to get out of there as quickly as you can!

Hmm... I work for my parents... wonder what that means... lol

5. SECOND CHANCE TO BE FIRST TO PLAY QUESTION #1: The Saturday Six began on April 17, 2004, on the old version of "Patrick's Place" over at AOL. When everything moved here, the old comments weren't able to follow. Cdmmw of "I've Got A Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Cowbell" already has a first "link" to her questions on that entry. But for the rest of you, here's your chance to be the first one to answer those original six questions in a comment. For this question, leave your answers in a comment here.

lol Pass

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #87 from springsnymph: Suppose you're given a box containing a substantial amount of money and it's yours to keep and use however you wish. If and when you open it to retrieve the cash, someone you don't know in another state, country or perhaps even across town will drop dead instantly. This will happen only the first time you open the box. Would you open it?

Oh this is cruel lol... Well, what KIND of person are we talking about? A murderer, a rapist, Aunt Bea or little baby Amber from down the street? lol If I KNOW it's going to be a person that's done something like you know murder a bunch of people, raped someone, etc, I'd do it in a heartbeat. If I had no idea who it was... No amount of money is worth someone's life, tempting as it may be.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Seven #31

Name up to seven different computer programs that you'd hate to live without.

Hahaha oh crap... uh...

1. Microsoft Word
2. Notepad
3. Windows Media Player
4. IE
5. Spider Solitaire
6. Desktop Weather
7. AIM

Saturday Six #103

1. Assuming you have a DVD player and a show you used to enjoy becomes available on DVD...what is the deciding factor on whether or not you'll actually buy it?

Hmm... Well... Honestly the only show I've wanted to buy on DVD is Lost. Because I think it's something you have to see beginning to end and if you miss something you're screwed lol

2. What do you find generally more offensive: the average prime time television show or the people who want their own personal standards of decency to be the guidelines the networks must follow?

Both are in their own way. People trying to control things with insanely high standards are offensive in the way that they're trying to force their beliefs and morals on other people, and prime time shows because they in general lack morals, give them up just to get a laugh and that's something I wouldn't approve of no matter what.

3. If you were in charge of the FCC, which of the following would be your priority when it comes to decency on the airwaves: cutting down on violence, sex or profanity?

Sex. No hesitation at all. There is WAY too much sex on TV. Even if you watch your child closely there will always be a time you turn your back for a second and they see something you don't want them too. Even if it's a commercial, some of those are pretty sexual.

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will sink in a mire. You like to think you're normal, but deep down you really just want to strip off your clothes and roll around in chicken fat.

Ew... I don't like chicken fat lol... Pork fat on the other hand... lol Kidding lol Don't send for the white coats yet lol

5. One of those crazy remodeling shows appears at your door one day and offers to redo any room of your house or apartment for free, but that it can only be one single room that gets a makeover. Would you let them in, and if so, which room would you choose and why?

Oh yeah sure... And... basement, it's a mess lol

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #86 from cdmmw2: Do you recall your first kiss? Did you think that kissing was worth all the hype??

Oh yes. I recall vividly lol I'm still dating him lol And yes. Will is an amazing kisser. He was and is everything I expected and more. Kissing him is everything I could want.