Saturday, November 11, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings Week 197

  1. Nick :: and Jessica

  2. Focus :: Camera lens

  3. Police :: Car

  4. Miles :: Away

  5. Earn :: Money

  6. Twice :: the Price

  7. Razor :: Thin

  8. Personality :: Defect

  9. Dumped :: Divorce

  10. Reliable :: Service

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Reactions

Courtesy Maria!

1. Cigarettes:

My mind goes to a poster of a cancerous lung I saw when I was six years old. Still makes me gag a little.

2. Sex:


Nothing else to say lol

3. Relationships:

Beautiful, fun, loving, sometimes completely screwed up things lol

4. Your first boyfriend:

Heart and soul and the only man I will every completely love.

5. Power Rangers:

I loved the pink one lol I always thought she was the one that was girly lol

7. Crack:

Pixie Sticks lol

8. Food: my crack lol

9. The President:


10. War:

Necessary evils do exist.

11. Cars:

Wish they'd all go green.

12. Gas Prices:


13. Halloween:

Not just for kids! (Mariaaa.... lol)

14. Bon Jovi:

In 80's teenage girl voice: "God, I totally want his hair."

15. Religion:

Good and beautiful unless someone perverts it.

16. MySpace:

Satan's URL. lol

17. Worst Fear:

Being completely alone. Like end of the world, all mankind is dead, everyone I love gone, sort of thing.

18. Marriage:

Sooner than I really expect but too far away.

19. Paris Hilton:

Stick that talks. Embodiment of past dumb blondes.

20. Brunettes:

Sometimes wish I was one.

20. Blondes:

I really do have more fun lol

21. Redheads:

Sexay lol

22: Politics:

Not a subject to bring up with people dumber than you lol

23: Pass the time:

Going with Maria on this lol

24: Cell Phone:

BEST THING EVER!!! Unless in a movie or at dinner or near someone that doesn't know how to CONTROL THEIR VOLUME!!!! Otherwise. Awesomeness. lol

25: Pet Peeves:

People. lol

26: Pixie Stix:

I remember kids I know trying to snort them to get high...

27: Vanilla Ice cream:

Only good on top of something else... I'll let minds wander here since I already know that this was taken in the wrong context by many lol

28: Porta Potties:

Disgusting and to be avoided as much as possible lol

29: High school:

High is in there for a reason...

30. Pajamas:

Pajamas? People wear those? I call them "tshirts" lol

31. Wood:

Heh... No comment...

32. Wet Socks:


33. Pictures:

Good. Memories. Sometimes incriminating lol

34. Redneck:

I have many in my gene pool and circle of friends. Still the people I know with the best sense of humor lol

35. Video Game:

I <3 Frogger...