Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Guy Survey

His/her age:

When is his/her birthday?
July 6th

How long have you been together?
2 1/2 yrs

How long have you known each other before you got together?
I think three weeks, something like that.

What physical features attracted you to him/her first?:}
Well we met online but lol I love his eyes and his smile. Completely in love with that.

Hair color:
Almost black brown

Eye Color:
Mostly green. He has brown and blue in his eyes too but not enough to count as hazel really lol

How did you meet?
Um lol Funny story actually lol I was on this message board and the guys on there were all these sick little perverts (I know shocking lol) and I just got fed up posting around this crap and I wrote a lengthy bitch post and put it up there. Two guys emailed me back. One guy I don't talk to anymore but he was sweet and encouraging and talked with me about his girlfriend, etc. Nice guy. But then Will emailed me... lol Saying that I should stick it out, when guys get older most of them get over that, grow up, I'll find a guy that's really good for me etc. We emailed each other back and forth until I finally IM'd him lol We fell in love in just over a month, our first call was a couple months later (protective parents), and the next December we met in person, in NY. Did I cover it all babe? :oP


How serious is it:
Marriage serious lol

Are you "in love":
Extremely, completely, madly, totally, lol

Do your parents like him/her:

Do his/her parents like you:
Er... lol I think? lol

Do you trust him/her:
With everything. He knows me inside out.

Does he/she let you wear his/her pants:
His are a little big thank you very much lol But if you mean in the relationship lol I guess I do make a lot of the big choices. I think he prefers it that way.

Do you have a shirt of his/hers that you sleep with?
Nooo.... :o(

Do you like the way he/she smells:
Yep! Plus his hair's all fluffy lol

Can you picture having kids with him/her:
We've already talked about names lol

What bothers you the most about him/her?
Lack of confindence. He doesn't have a reason for it.

Does he/she have a temper?
Um... lol When you push his buttons right, yes, he... yeah lol But I don't think I've ever really gotten him that mad.

Are you happy to be with him/her:
Of course. He's my everything.

Does he/she embarrass you in public:
Only sometimes and it's generally funny lol


Does he/she have any piercings?
No, but I wouldn't object to much really, if he wanted to.

Does he/she have tattoos?
Nope, same with above.

Is he/she a party dude/chick or stay at home kind of guy/gal?:}
Stay at home, definitely.

Is he/she Outgoing or Shy?:
SHY lol Until you get him warmed up, when you get him comfortable he won't shut up lol Love that about him.

Does he/she love his mama?:
Yes, he's very close with her.

Would he/she hang out with you and your friends?
Never had the chance really. But he doesn't really dislike anyone.

Does he/she sing?:
I've never heard him sing because he insists he can't :oP

What's his/her sign?

What does he/she drive?
Doesn't, he's a NYer lol Public transit.

What is his/her favorite TV show?
Hmm... Probably Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He likes Comedy Central and any news channel lol

What is his/her favorite food?
Italian, anything pasta or pizza lol

What is a food that he/she will not eat?
Huh... I can't think of anything. He probably wouldn't touch Rocky Mountain Oysters though lol If the chance ever came up and I actually was nice and told him what they really are lol

Will you be with him/her forever?
I don't see why not... We've made it through a lot already. I think if we can work out as much as we have already, there's no reason we can't make it through other things. Life's not easy, not perfect, not a fairy tale, and I think accepting that has made it easier for us to stay together.


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Will sounds just perfect for you, hon! De ;)

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