Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saturday Six #130

1. You move to a new city: what is the first thing you're most likely to check out in your immediate surroundings: restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters or historic sites?

Grocery stores. Have to know where to get the basics.

2. Consider the local television stations in your area: do you generally stay more with one station for entertainment and local news, or do you tend to rely on one station for local news and others for entertainment?

The latter, only one is good for local and it still kinda sucks lol

3. Is there a set time of day or night that you blog, or do you just post whenever the spirit moves you?

Whenever the spirit moves me. No point in doing it if I don't have anything to really say.

4. How often do you write a blog entry, then save it as a "draft" rather than publishing it immediately to think it over before actually posting it?

Never. I either publish it or trash it, but it never gets set away.

5. Which makes a better dessert after a good meal: ice cream, pie, or cake?

Ice cream cake lol

6. What is your favorite flavor of the item you selected in question #5?

Chocolate of course!

Unconscious Mutterings Week 192

  1. Opinion :: Thought

  2. Tardy :: Later

  3. Peer pressure :: Sex

  4. Grownup :: Never when you think

  5. ! :: ...

  6. Beer :: Glass

  7. Sit :: Chair

  8. Shower :: Water

  9. Consumate :: Marriage lol

  10. Wasting :: Time

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stolen from Maria

From Maria's blog.

1. Best place to have a picnic.... Beach, undoubtedly.

2. Best reason to leave work early..... Sneaking off to spend time with someone you love. You can include alone time in this lol

3. Best excuse for missing an appointment.... You didn't really want the job...? lol And you're sick? And your dog died? And your mother is in the hospital? And... idk lol

4. Best time to sing... When you feel it in your heart.

5. Favorite musical.... Hmm... Seeing I was raised by my mother who loves musicals lol... I know a lot of them... I'll go with Chicago.... or Oklahoma... lol

6. Best thing to spread on toast.... Butter.

7. Favorite food to sprinkle sugar on... Rice Crispies (as cereal)

8. Most irritating phone call.... Telemarketers or idiot customers

9. Favorite part of my body to get massaged... Back, definitely my back.

10. Favorite way to lose weight... Veggiiiiieeees....

11. Best reason to stay up late.... Because he's on the phone with me ::grin::

12. Favorite commercial... Currently... The Jeep commercial where the hawk thinks it's a bug and gets the bright idea to dive for it lol First time I saw that I laughed really hard for a long time. I think it confirmed my mother's idea that I am indeed sick lol

13. Planet I'd like to visit... the moon! Oh wait... that's not a planet... um... lol Just kidding, I really don't know. I guess I'd say Neptune.

14. Funniest Female Comedian... Honestly, don't really have any female comedians I like lol

15. Tv character you are most like.... Claude Casey from Less Than Perfect lol Goofy, squirrelly, all the GOOD things people say about me, even the quirky good things lol (Obviously before Sarah Rue lost a ton of weight. Is it just me or is she way less cute now? Huh...)

16. Who do people say you look like? I've heard (I kid you not) Drew Barrymore, Jewel, and Brittany Murphy. The last one is the one that completely floors me. They said I had her smile and eyes lol Which I REALLY don't get. But whatever, I look like me lol

17. Would you go on a reality TV show and if yes which ones? No, never ever ever lol

18. Would you ever let Super Nanny tell you how to raise your children? If I'm to the point I need a total stranger come in and intervene with how I'm raising my kids because they are such horrible monsters, I think I could take tips from just about anyone lol

19. Would you swap families for a week? HELL NO!

20. If you had to pick which talk show would you most likely be on? Oh god... lol... Um... I guess the one that annoys me the least... lesser of all evils... would be a local talk show that I don't think anyone knows about lol

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings Week 191

  1. Taxes :: Hooray!

  2. Hooray :: Taxes! (ahem, I can't help it, I found those two words on top of each other hilarious lol)

  3. Justification :: Excuse

  4. Shocking :: Electric

  5. Bureaucracy :: Politics

  6. Porn :: Where?! (had to say it lol)

  7. Silly :: Girl

  8. DJ :: Brian (friend was a DJ)

  9. Swing :: Dance

  10. Anti- :: freeze